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Allen G. Moser III (AGM)

Allen G. Moser III or AGM,  is a filmmaker, musician and martial artist. Born in the Philippines in 1978, his family relocated to the U.S.  when he was a baby. He hopes to someday visit to learn more about his heritage. An unpopular kid growing up in Las Vegas, he became the target of bullies and was constantly picked on. His parents decided to enroll him in martial arts where he worked hard to earn his 2nd degree black belt after 5 years. During this time, he decided to take a break  and explored his passion of music and composed many songs.


However, after several years, he missed martial arts, and returned to training. His instructor recognized his work ethic and approached AGM about assisting with classes as his first paid job. Recognizing that he needed to eventually get employment, AGM accepted right away as this was a great opportunity for a 15 year old kid. Another 5 years went by and AGM earned his 3rd degree black belt and became a certified instructor with the ATA (American Taekwondo Association). He was teaching in multiple schools by then, and in between breaks from the organization, he also taught at Ernie Reyes West Coast in Las Vegas as well as the Black Dragon Society.

Although instructing in martial arts has its share of rewards-he loved teaching students of all ages, he saw that it was going to be difficult to achieve the goals he had by making very little money as an instructor.  He decided to leave martial arts behind and pursue his other passions of acting/stunts, film making and music. In the early 2000's he started his own band, REKTIFIED and cut a demo CD,  and began booking extra work in movies such as Fools Rush In, Rush Hour 2, Oceans 11 and many others. In his quest to become an all-around entertainer, AGM has had his fair share of disappointments. He was to be part of an international martial arts show in Japan, only to be told that it wasn't going to happen.  AGM was hoping to get his big break in Rush Hour 2 as one of the Chinese Triads fighting Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in the Red Dragon Hotel scene. After receiving a SAG voucher and wardrobe fittings and being told to report to the set, he was told minutes before shooting that he was being replaced by one of Jackie Chan's team members from Hong Kong.

AGM returned to martial arts and the ATA, and an opportunity presented itself to own his own martial arts studio in Southern California. He relocated from Vegas and took over a location in California City for several years. Realizing that he needed to move to a larger city, he opened up Premier ATA Martial Arts in 2012 in Apple Valley, CA where he is to this day. Although AGM runs a successful  martial arts school, he is still working on his goal of becoming an entertainer. Whether it is sharing his own short films as a film maker and stunt coordinator or as a performer, he puts his heart into everything.

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